Bike Riding

Day 1 of summer vacation is behind us. I was not sure who would survive. We really need to set up some type of schedule or routine. The kids now know how to fight with each other over anything and everything. To break up the evening, we decided to go for a bike ride. Very stressful! Lucy is just not a graceful soul. We are trying to teach her how to stay close to the sidewalk and how to go around cars. She jerks those handle bars so hard to make the slightest turn that she fell once! Overall, no child lost a finger so it is not too bad.

First Official Haircuts

Yesterday, both children had their first official haircuts. It was adorable. We went to Cool Cuts 4 Kids. Both were able to watch whatever movies they wanted and sit in cars while having their haircuts. Lucy chose Shrek and Tommy chose Cars. Tommy did ok. He sat in the car chair just fine. The beautician said that that was when most kids freaked out. Then the clippers came into play.



Tommy simply laid his head down on my chest and let the lady cut away. After the first cut, he reached up to feel but then just let her do what she wanted. The only time he really cried was then the little clippers came by his ears to trim them up. That is when he was put into a headlock to hold his head still.

Lucy did perfectly. The lady trimmed up her bangs and took about three inches off the back. It looks very clean and not all raggedy anymore. Her highlight was the lollipop (which she has yet to eat).

Documenting the goings-on of a Modern Family.

Dad: D.J.
Mom: Katie
Daughter: Lucy
Son: Tommy

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