Week 1 Down

A crazy daisy week...but it is over. We had a very busy but wonderful week. Lucy survived her first week in school-based preschool. She did wonderfully Tuesday on...Monday was a little touch and go w/ the no napping situation. Tommy is going to Mrs. Cynthia's house like usual, so his schedule didn't change. DJ is settling into his new school. Third grade is fun but a new challenge. I don't even have words my job yet...let's see if I figure that out in the next few weeks.

We just finished getting ready for this week. We have a tradition (a whole two weeks long) of braiding Lucy's hair into Octobraids. That is right, 8 lovely little braids that when they are undone Monday morning, her hair is a fizzy as a...i dont know...freshly washed fleece blanket comes to mind.

This week includes online assessment, students starting to check books out of the library, Tommy's first school day w/ Gram on Tuesday, early softball games for DJ on Tuesday, Curriculum nigh for DJ on Wednesday, my Birthday on Wednesday, and DJ's fantasy football draft on Saturday. I hope to squeeze in a few workouts and healthy meals along with laughter and maybe a wednesday starbucks run. We'll see.

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Son: Tommy

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