I have the hardest time remember when books come out that I want to read and I have this little OCD part of me that will worry that I am missing a book. I know, weird. So...this is my on going list to help me remember. If I am missing something...let me know!

(book 2)


(house of night)
(Need 3)

1/18/2011 (it has been delayed!)
(fever 5 or 6, can't remember)

The Sookie Companion

The Dark and Hallow Places
(3rd book...forest of hands and teeth)

Bite Club
( 10)

Hard Bitten
(Chicagoland Vamps...4th book)

(wolves of Mercy Falls....3rd book)

unknown date:
Dead Letters

(Sookie #11)
(graceling companion)

Crayon Leaves

It's been awhile!!! But, I am ready to get back into the swing of things here on Blogger. The kids and I have been up to (no) good. Crafting for the Holiday season has begun. On Friday, we get to decorate the house for Halloween...then Thanksgiving....the Christmas! So exciting. I love this time of year.

First craft for the fall....Crayon Leaves. I remember doing this when I was a kid in school to make 'stained glass'.

What do you do w/ old crayons? We tried recycling them but I felt cancer calling me while I was breathing those fumes. So, instead, we turned to wax paper.

Old Towel
Paper Towels
Iron (preheated to really hot)
Wax Paper

1. Kids pick out fall colors from their crayon buckets
2. Kids peal the paper off the crayons (which is a big treat for my kids...they are obsessed w/ doing this and are not usually allowed too)
3. Open your scissors and shave along the top of the crayon creating little wax curls.
4. Take the shavings from two different colored crayons and sandwich them in a piece of wax paper.
5. Place the waxpaper on top of the old towel & Place the paper towel on top of the wax paper
6. Slowly move the iron around on the top of the paper towel. Peak underneath to see if the wax is melting. HEADS UP: dont let the melted wax leak out of the side of the wax paper.
7. Set wax paper aside to cool/dry. Takes about three minutes.
8. Cut out into leaf shapes (or, what ever you feel like making)

We enjoyed making different color combination for the marble look. Lucy loved helping cut out the leaves. Tommy liked being Mr. Distructo w/ the peeling of the crayons.

ps First few weeks of school have been great but I am really looking forward to fall break. Have big plans (pumpkin' patch, crafts, library, books, pj movie day!).

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