Lucy School Career

Lucy will begin her official school career this year. She's been in home day care with a teacher that treated it like preschool, but it was still home based. Lucy will be going on the adventure of learning routines with 20 other children, how to follow directions not directly given to her, less structured rest time (she still takes two hour naps here at home), and eating w/ a lot of students around her. I am very apprehensive and nervious. Mommabear wants to protect but teacher wants her to learn. It is very conflicting. I dont think Lucy understands that her school career is about to change but she will probably adapt quicker than we will.

Daddy and Lucy went out and purchased a Tinker bell backpack, lunch box, green folder and 3ring binder (i dont know why a preschooler needs a binder). She picked out extra materials like wipes and glue sticks to give to her teacher.


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