Summer Vacation: Day 1

Our grand adventure for the summer began with a very long drive. There were two ways to get to Riadoso, New Mexico. We could spend 8 hrs going down through Tucson and upthrough the lower part of NM which is all dessert or we could spend 10 hrs going though Show Low and the White Mountains. We decided to take the longer trip and have green surround us. And when I say long...I mean....l.o.n.g. It ended up taking almost 11 hours with all of the stops we took and the little towns we drove through where the speed limit would drop down to 35 mph.

Our day consisted of snack eating, movie watching, mooing at cows, listening to music, dancing in our seats, fighting over the toys in the back seat, and nap taking. We began our animal watching and saw a lot of cows and horses.


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