Summer Vacation: Day 2

We decided to stay inside today to recoup from out drive. Our day consisted of unpacking, grocery shopping, and going on a nature walk around our cabins.

Our cabin is located at the top of a mountain. It over looks the Sierra Blanca Mountain and the lake at the Resort of the Mountain Gods. It is very beautiful. Granted, we have the go down half a flight of stairs and up another flight of stairs to get to our door (which is not fun w/ an almost 2 year old) but it is a beautiful view. The drive up to the cabin takes about 5 minutes and includes a lot of windy curves and straight up roads. There are random cabins placed along the road. One is for sale for a measly $600,000 if you are interested.

In the morning, we went down to the main house to have some breakfast and almost ran into some deer. They were just hanging out in our parking lot area. Later on in the day we spotted them again with some wild turkey friends.

After naps, the kids started getting a little rambunctious for our cabin so we went for a nature walk. There was a little trail outside our window so we fallowed it around the perimeter of all the cabins and then it swooped down into a makeshift dirt road. We collected a few pine cones for a craft later. We made walking sticks and even saw a creepy crawly caterpillar.

After we went shopping and the walk for the week, we took on making a craft: peanut butter pine cones. The kids did great with this and we hung them outside our big window. We had a nice family meal and snuggled in for the night.


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